Monday, July 23, 2007

Shimon Sandler: The Gourmet SEO

Most people in this business seem to know who Shimon Sandler is. He's well-known because he knows his stuff inside and out. Oh, and he's a great guy. I've had the pleasure of building a nice relationship with him and the guy rocks...plain and simple.

I've been a reader of his for well over a year now and he always has great insight on paid search, SEO, you name it. He's also not scared to throw out some tasty recipe ideas!

How's that for keeping your blog fresh and informative??

My wife has agreed to make the Gourmet Meatloaf for Hungry SEO's and I'll be prepared to give a critique. I mean, I'm from Texas and we know our meatloaf, dammit! And his doesn't even call for ketchup, so I'm definitely intrigued.

Anyway, go visit stuff from his links....all that jazz.


Friday, July 13, 2007

The Social Tsunami

I have Diggtwitoratiface. Huh? What's this? It's my definition for being completely overwhelmed by all of the social networking/media sites out there.

I was thinking about this last night about after the introduction of Sphinn, which I'm really kind of pumped about. I mean, shit, every time I join one community it seems like 5 more pop-up that everyone is talking about. And I don't think I can ever "catch up" and manage to learn, network, and be effective on any of them...much less all of them. It gives me tired-head just thinking about it. So many little time.

Digg, Twitter, Technorati,, Reddit, MySpace, Facebook, Technorati, Sphinn, StumbleUpon, Fark, Furl, Spurl, Slashdot, MyBlogLog, YouTube, Squidoo and the list goes on and on. Are you kidding me? How the hell am I supposed to keep up? I know they all have their place and they serve different purposes, but DAMN!

Does anyone else feel this way? It's a full-time job just trying to stay current. And here's a newsflash; I already have a full-time job! A really busy one! Then throw in a wife, a couple kids, and a bunch of friends that I hardly ever see and I constantly feel like I just got quadruple-sat with big parties, the computers are down, and we've 86'd half the menu. (Pardon the restaurant speak, but some of you may actually get that!)

But wait a second. Take a deep breath. Chill. Do I really need to be plugged in at all of these joints?

No, I don't. For some reason I feel like I have to be because of what I do for a living but you know what? I just have to choose. Carefully.

I just think to myself, "Self, what am I looking to get out of this site? How can it help me?" And when I put it into perspective like that, it's easy to figure out. I'm far from a social media guru. I'm more like a social media newbie.

For me, the conundrum relates to my professional life. There are things that have to be done that require efficient use of this social media space. I have to produce for my clients. I have to be on top of industry happenings. I have to educate them. I need to network and build relationships. I need to grow our company. So for me, at least, I'm focused on the sites that I can benefit the most from in a selfish way.

If it's just for fun, I don't feel sorry for you and you're on your own. Go throw up a MySpace page and get out of my facebook...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Looking For Stalkers

Although there's already a million social media sites out there, a new one reared its' head today and I have to tell you; I'm interested.

This comes straight from the loins of Search Engine Land and its called Sphinn (pronounced "spin") and the reason I'm so interested is because it's the first Digg-esque type social media site dedicated to our industry that I think will be worth a shit.

This will be like the one and only social media site that I'll ever be able to say I joined the first day it was open. And since I'm horrible about keeping up with most of them, I kinda have the most hope for Sphinn because I know I'll be there daily simply because I'm already at Search Engine Land everyday.

Now I just need some friends there. So stalk on, stalkers! Let me hear from ya!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Affiliate Summit

This show is different from the others, man. These people are full-throttle!

We came to Miami to see if Affiliate Summit could be a good venue to generate leads and gain publishers by exhibiting at a future show. A recon mission, if you will. And although we haven't totally figured that part out yet, I will say that it was a lot of fun.

The sessions were somewhat disappointing but that happens at most stops on the conference circuit. (Okay, SMX Advanced was good, but whatever.) I was really looking forward to seeing ShoeMoney speak again but that session really turned out to be more of a Q & A where he and Lee Dodd took questions from the audience. It was cool of them...they gave people suggestions and all, which is nice...but I was hoping for more of a presentation as opposed to hearing about other peoples' problems.

We had a few good meetings that could turn out to be productive down the road. One in particular was with Nevada Shane & Caroline Mason from Lead Flash. I think there's some opportunity there and it will be cool to expand into yet another revenue channel.

We also met with John Grosshandler from eComXpo and it looks like we're going to participate in the next couple of virtual conferences they offer. This is a cool concept although I have no idea what to expect. I mean, will people really log on to this thing? We'll see. But John seemed cool and there are a lot of big names associated with this gig so I'm pretty optimistic.

Miami kicks ass. The weather was phenomenal. The venue was great. The conference was put together nicely and things ran very smoothly.

But probably the best part of the Miami experience was The Police show. They still have it! And our seats were great:

Dophin Stadium needs to learn how to throw a party because that venue SUCKED for a concert. I'm so disgusted with that place that I won't even go into it.

And last thing, prior to arriving in Miami, we flew from Dallas to Washington DC to attend Juan & Juliana's wedding. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! Thanks for the unbelievable hospitality guys. We felt like we were the guests of honor and we talked about it the whole time so thanks again.

Friday, July 6, 2007 is funny

Ron wrote a post on this already on the LinkWorth blog, but I had to mention it here, too. Go visit this's funny as hell!

Nice work, John Cow!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Green Gores

I keep seeing news about Al Gore III’s recent arrest for possession of marijuana, Valium, Xanax, and Adderall and I can’t help but get a kick out of the big deal that’s being made. Yeah, he smoked some bud, had a bunch of pills, & shouldn’t have been driving. Much less, driving 100mph at 2:15am…but I’ll chalk that up to him being young and dumb...we all make mistakes.

But the news on this is crazy. Is that because he’s a Gore? I mean, the Gore’s have a history with getting high, right? Al’s dalliances in partying have been well-documented and I’m not mad at him for that. Hell, he burned while campaigning in ’76 but how can you blame him? That must be some stressful shit! He was just getting his head right and an old friend sold him out…lame.

I’m no supporter, though, let it be known. And one of the two things we should never talk about is politics. (The other is religion…fyi.) I was shocked that #3 was hit with a $20k bail, though. In California of all places? That’s like the most laid-back place in the world outside of Amsterdam when it comes to stuff like this, isn’t it?

Anyway, the reason this whole thing is so ironic to me is because I keep seeing his dad promoting this Live Earth concert that takes place today. He’s all about global warming and being green…and I keep hearing him say those exact words. So, the comedian in me can’t help but get a chuckle out of the double-meaning of the word “green” since his son’s second marijuana-related arrest. Especially whilst driving a Prius!