Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Will Social Spark Sputter?

OK, so let me be the first to admit that I do not understand what Social Spark is or what kind of value/fun/whatever it's supposed to bring to its' users. That's my disclaimer.

See, I've been to the site several times...was even in on the beta. Still don't get it.

I assume that the idea is to launch a shiny new site (albeit a bit Las Vegasy) that wears a "social" label and hope that a universal adoption occurs within Pay-Per-Post's current user base. But why not just do that at Pay-Per-Post?

And for Advertisers, the ones who make this work, what's in it for them? Sure, you get to "hand pick" your bloggers...but can't you do that everywhere?? (ahem...) Umm..yeah, you can. And these are all fully-disclosed and "search engine compliant" which leads me to believe that all linkage is no-followed. Great. Oh wait....no, that sucks!

I think Ted is a really sharp guy and has done some great things but this I just don't get. Why not release PPP v2 or something?

We'll see if social spark turns into social sputter or not. I can't help but be amused by the whole social-bandwagoning that's going on with this. Do Advertisers really give a shit about mingling with bloggers? My experience tells me "no." They want their links. Followed.