Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google PukeRank

I wrote about how pissy Google is last week, but man...I'm so sick of hearing about PR that I think I'm gonna barf!

I feel sorry for all the publishers out there who have been running scared and wondering what to do. There's really nothing for them to be worried about because all they're losing is PukeRank at this point....not authority or rankings. I know, I know....a lot of folks are worried that a drop in PR might mean they will lose advertisers, but that's unlikely. As long as advertiser's positions in the SERPs remain stable, so will their linking campaigns.

Trust me on that. I'm more than a little tuned in to any fallout or ripples in this area.

That could change down the road, sure. You never know where this thing will go. But for now, whether this is merely just a shot across the bow of the link industry or Google is really so full of themselves that they think a drop in PR will force webmasters from far and near cower with fear and concede; it's still business as usual.

PukeRank - the new page barfometer.


Venomous Kate said...

I'm still bitching about it, but only because on the various paid-per-posting sites it's impossible to earn decent money now that my PR's taken a plunge.

Which sucks, because that was my "fun money", so now there's no fun to be had.

Tey said...

I have few oopps now eversince my page rank was dropped down to flat zero.. so how can we earn decent income now..

byt the way thanks for dropping by my site