Wednesday, March 21, 2007

LinkWorth World Tour 2007

OK, maybe "national tour" is more appropriate since we won't actually be leaving the country, but it's just not as rock 'n' roll as "world tour." (I mean we are in a band). Oh well...moving on.

All is going according to plan and I couldn't be happier. I've mentioned that we're going to get out amongst 'em this year and ol' Ron has taken the bull by the horns. He's being the ball. He's got the eye of the tiger. He's thinking outside the box. He's every other super-generic business cliche you can think of, too. Why, you ask? Because he just ponied up and booked us at every industry conference he could think of between now and November. We'll even be exhibiting for the first time at SES San Jose.

Hello, world, here we come!

Here's a quick rundown of where we'll be...
That's what I'm talking about!

Now I need to do my part which is making sure we make the most of these trips. And by that I mean making the best use of our time. And by that I mean buying some folks some drinks, cheeseburgers, or whatever else may float their boat.

Eric, let's talk links, brotha!!
Rand, can I interest you in a nice cold beer or four?
Patrick, we've already talked about New York...still on?
Rae, I want to talk blackjack and Sopranos!

Okay, step at a time. Don't hate me because I get excited. Oh wait....nobody is listening....

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Rae said...

LMAO... I am a craps/pai gow/holdem girl - only play blackjack with my business partner. ;-)

Sopranos? Dude. That is all you have to say - walk up to me with a beer and decide if you wanna take odds on seeing furio again before the finale and we can chat for quite a while. :P