Thursday, July 12, 2007

Looking For Stalkers

Although there's already a million social media sites out there, a new one reared its' head today and I have to tell you; I'm interested.

This comes straight from the loins of Search Engine Land and its called Sphinn (pronounced "spin") and the reason I'm so interested is because it's the first Digg-esque type social media site dedicated to our industry that I think will be worth a shit.

This will be like the one and only social media site that I'll ever be able to say I joined the first day it was open. And since I'm horrible about keeping up with most of them, I kinda have the most hope for Sphinn because I know I'll be there daily simply because I'm already at Search Engine Land everyday.

Now I just need some friends there. So stalk on, stalkers! Let me hear from ya!

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