Friday, August 17, 2007

New Control Center Is Up And Running!

We just made the switch from the old version of our control center to the new one. I'm really excited to hear everyone's feedback on this! It feels like it's taken us forever but I'm really happy with the way it looks.

It's a far cry from the outdated interface we've been using, but I think this is very fresh. It's a lot easier to navigate and should be MUCH easier on the eyes! I know we'll probably run into a few bugs at first, but I certainly welcome that by comparison. We already know of a few things to improve but by and large, this sucker is DONE!

Now we can begin the additional modifications to the front end and roll out some new stuff that we've been sitting on while this piece was completed.

Lookout world, LinkWorth 2.0 is here!


Venomous Kate said...

LinkWorth 2.0 is very, verrrrry cool. I'm still a bit confused by the plethora of products you guys offer but I'm enjoying the way my monthly income is growing along with yours.

I'm also enjoying the delicious sense of power involved in deciding whether to turn this photo into a "Caption Contest".

Decisions, decisions. ;P

matt said...

HAA!! I'll have to make sure I submit an entry if you do. :)