Monday, June 11, 2007

Picasa is cool

So I just got hip to Picasa today and man, let me tell you, that's a cool piece of photo management software. I'd heard of it before but just assumed it was another Flickr or something. This is a lot better as far as I'm concerned. And again, I'm the one who is like the last guy to give Google props, but this is rad.

I'm having almost as much fun playing around with it as I was having this weekend in my 70's getup for Harrelson's 40th birthday bash. (Almost being the operative term. I mean, check out Yvette in my lap here...good times!)

It instantly catalogues every image on your hard drive (or whatever folders you allow) and it's really quick. The biggest pain in the ass to me is always the searching for pictures, having to have several windows open to know what pictures I want to move where, flan, flan, flan. Picasa is different.

Beyond that, you're free to edit all of your pictures and add whatever cool effects you like. Crop, tint, add captions....whatever. Organize and edit all of it right there. And as soon as you upload new pics, it's got 'em in chronological order (or whatever order you prefer, I suppose). So for me...the horrible, lazy, apathetic picture-sharer this is the bomb.

I'm gonna get back to it. I just couldn't resist when I saw the "Blog This!" option...I had to give it a quick spin.

That's all, folks...
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Anonymous said...

I don't think both of your tongue's put together are as long as that bartenders at the google dance!

But the good thing is, you both look sober.