Sunday, June 24, 2007

UFC & SEO: A Good Match?

Probably not. But whatever.

Since this blog isn't confined to SEM, I thought I'd send a quick shout-out to BJ Penn who just bitched Jens Pulver tonight. NICELY DONE, BJ!!

Don't know how many people that read this are fans of UFC, but us LinkWorthers are...bigtime.

It's been a long 5 years, but I'm sure this redemption is well worth the wait. A tap-out, no less. Beautiful.

Anyone see Jens' hair? That's why he lost. Why the hell would you do that to yourself? And especially before a nationally televised event? Stupid. (I mean, Jens would whip my ass and all....but screw it, I'd out-SEO him in a heartbeat!)

For the non-interested folk, ignore this post. It's all good. But for the record, I went 6 for 6 in my picks on tonight's card and I'm happy about it. (Made a little cash, too. )

Rock on, rockers....nighty night.


Anonymous said...

You should have just sent all 6 of your picks to my phone instead of the main event winner. Then I could have just found something else to do instead of watching the fights.

FYI...if you watch sporting events on DVR/Tivo/Delay, turn your phone and computer off until you see the outcome. You run the risk of "SOME PEOPLE" sending you the results.

I think the reason Jens lost is because he has a chics name... "Jens". :| What the hell is that short for? Jennifer Slegg? No shot at J.Slegg of course...just the first name that came to mind. Then again, what if Jens Pulver was really the person behind and he sported a shirt after the fight that said, "Making AdSense Cents" or "SEO ROCKS". Ok, where am I and what am I talking about. Maybe just tying in UFC & SEO.

George Bush really doesn't like black people, does he.

Stoddart said...

Now that's funny! He does have a chics name, but that's probably why he's such a good scrapper.

You know his dad was a famous horse jockey, right? Even pulled a gun on the poor kid at the ripe old age of 7...put it in his mouth and told him he's not worth the bullets. Ouch!!

Interesting story on this guy at