Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Watching Threadwatch

First of all, I'm bummed about TW's announcement that its' e-doors are closin'. I mentioned it on our blog today, too.

I'm just gonna say this. Aaron Wall, next time I see you at a conference I'm going to introduce myself and shake your hand...finally. I'm a fan of yours. I see you at all the shows...just haven't come forth and said hello before. That kinda sucks.

The closing of Threadwatch, if it's really done...86....finito, is kind of a sentimental kick in the nuts for me because I've always loved that site. I should've contributed more, but when I first started going there and hardly knew shit about SEO, I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of all you guys who had all the answers.

Bad excuse, but you're with me, right?

Anyway, it was awesome. You could get the information you needed laced with heavy sarcasm. Greatness.

So, although I haven't done my part and am one of the lazy ones that Mr. Dubl referred to in his comment on the announcement thread, I still feel bad. And I feel worse because Todd is absolutely right. I won't put on the dress blues or anything, but it's a shame.

Alright. So for now I'll just continue the watch. It's 10:45pm on Wednesday. I guess I should know in 25 1/2 hours if I should delete this post.

(Nah....screw that. I don't post enough on this site to delete anything.)

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